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Global C-Pop star Tia Lee turns momentum from 100 million views into charitable #EmpowerHer campaign

The MV and animation series garnered over 100 million record-breaking views since Tia's return. Now Tia's #EmpowerHer campaign will donate up to a staggering HKD3.8million (approximately USD$480,000) to female focused charities around the world.


The #EmpowerHer campaign is inspired by Tia's journey as a woman in the music and entertainment industry. Through the #EmpowerHer campaign, Tia will support charities that champion women and young girls, helping them to find their self-worth and achieve their dreams. Every time Tia Lee's "Goodbye Princess" music video reaches a viewing benchmark on YouTube, a donation will be made to the #EmpowerHer partner charities: Daughters of Tomorrow in Singapore, Beats By Girlz and Women in Music in the USA, and Teen's Key in Hong Kong to support their operations.

Speaking on the campaign's inspiring backstory and potential impact, Rachel Chow, Resource Development Manager at Teen's Key Hong Kong said: "Tia's journey of resilience inspires not just our girls and young women, but also the world – giving us the confidence to believe that we are all unique and each of us has the potential to create a future filled with more possibilities than we can even imagine."

Nicole Barsalona, President of Women in Music in the USA said: "Donations like those from the #EmpowerHer campaign allow Women in Music to educate, empower, and advance women in the music industry. We're delighted to be included alongside other non-profit organisations working to create change".

"Goodbye Princess" continues to trend globally and attract new fans to C-pop. With "Goodbye Princess" symbolising Tia's evolution into a new, empowered and uplifted version of herself as she explores her new world, the global #EmpowerHer campaign aims to reinforce the song's themes of female empowerment and encourage all women to bravely embrace their true selves.

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